Hi, I am Varish!

Welcome! I'm Varish, PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). My guru at UMBC is Prof. Tim Finin; I also collaborate with Prof. Anupam Joshi in the Ebiquity research group to which I belong. I started my graduate studies at UMBC in Fall of 2008. I first obtained a Masters in Computer Science, also under the guidance of Tim Finin, before joining PhD program in Fall of 2010.


My research interests include the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Information extraction/text analysis and Machine Learning. My research projects till date have broadly focused on extracting information and adding semantics to unstructured or semi-structured data.

1. From tables, to Linked Data: Tables are an integral part of documents, reports and Web pages, compactly encoding important information that can be difficult to express in text. Number of domains such as the the Web, healthcare and public policy use tables to encode important information. Yet, we do not have systems that can understand information encoded in tables. My PhD dissertation research focuses on developing a domain independent and extensible framework for inferring the semantics of tables and represent it as RDF Linked Data. Read more about this project here.

2. Extracting security vulnerabilities from web text : Information about security vulnerabilities, attacks is often found on the web in vulnerability databases such as NIST NVD, IBM X-Force, security blogs and even hacker forums & chat-rooms. This work focused on processing unstructured free text found on the web and detecting concepts that describe security vulnerabilities. I developed a concept extraction algorithm that used Wikitology and a taxonomy extracted from Wikipedia to detect security vulnerability concepts. Related publication can be found here.

3. Information Extraction from Windows Phone store app description : My research project during my internship at Microsoft Research (MSR) broadly focused on Information extraction from descriptions associated with apps in the Windows Phone store. A US patent application has been filed based on this work. My mentor at MSR was Dr. Eveylne Viegas.

4. Entity Disambiguation and Search : My internship project at Microsoft Bing focused on building a 'proof-of-concept' for disambiguating entities in ambiguous search queries as well as search results and re-organizing the results based on identified entities. Two disclosures were filed with Microsoft for patent consideration.



Varish Mulwad, Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi, "Interpreting Medical Tables as Linked Data to Generate Meta-Analysis Reports", 15th IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Reuse and Integration, August 2014. Download


Varish Mulwad, Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi, "Semantic Message Passing for Generating Linked Data from Tables" In Proceedings of the 12th International Semantic Web Conference, Sydney, Australia, October 2013. Download

Varish Mulwad "Semantic Message Passing for Generating Linked Data from Tables” (poster) at the Third Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning, Baltimore, MD, USA, October 2013.


Varish Mulwad, "Probabilistic Reasoning for Generating Linked Data from Tables" (poster) at the Second Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning, College Park, MD, USA, October 2012.

Varish Mulwad, Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi, "A Domain Independent Framework for Extracting Linked Semantic Data from Tables", In Search Computing - Broadening Web Search, Stefano Ceri and Marco Brambilla (eds.), LNCS volume 7538, Springer, July 2012. Download


Varish Mulwad, Tim Finin and Anupam Joshi, "Automatically Generating Government Linked Data from Tables", In working notes of the AAAI Fall Symposium on Open Government Knowledge: AI Opportunities and Challenges, November 2011. Download


1. Significant contributions to the National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal "EAGER: T2K: From Tables to Knowledge"; awarded ($200,000); PI:Dr. Anupam Joshi; CO-PI:Dr. Tim Finin.

Professional Academic Activities

Program Committee:
-- The 2nd international workshop on Linked Data for Information Extraction (2014)
-- Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2014)
-- Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning (2012)
-- First international workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Meets Linked Open Data (Know@LOD) co-located with the 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) (2012)

-- IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) (2013)
-- VLDB journal's special issue on Structured, Social and Crowd-sourced Data (2012)
-- IEEE Intelligent Systems special issue on Linked Open Government Data (2011)

-- Chair, ACM student chapter in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (CSEE) department, UMBC (2012-2013)